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A vision for reaching this generation in Carlisle

With its two university campuses and its historic streets filled with bars, clubs and restaurants, Carlisle is home to thousands of young adults who are seeking purpose and a way forward for their lives. Yet statistics tell us that, in our increasingly secularised nation, around 60% of these will never have been to church or had a Christian friend or had a real opportunity to discover what it means to live life in all its fullness. There is therefore a desperate need, but also a fantastic opportunity, for these young adults to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.

The Way: Sharing Life in Carlisle

Just as Paul the Apostle put all his energy into planting and growing new Christian communities, our vision is to plant and grow new Christian communities in Carlisle so that many more people can return home to experience the life and love which is offered by God in Jesus Christ. We want to build communities where lives can be shared and the gospel can be experienced so that a lost generation can be brought home.